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SYBO is the developer behind the world’s most popular mobile game, Subway Surfers. We create the attention they deserve.

Strategic imperatives
Percent raise in articles on the gaming industry
Mediaclips in international media year one

Thought leadership with passion

Denmark’s most successful games manufacturer, SYBO, is on an amazing journey. And we are helping the company share its remarkable story.

SYBO is behind Subway Surfers, which with 1.6billion downloads globally, is the most popular mobile game in the word. For five years running, the game has featured at the top of AppStore and Google Play’s ‘Most Popular Games’ list.

With such huge success and popularity, attention comes automatically, but this alone does not guarantee a thought-leadership position. The Danish games industry enjoys significant international success, turns over tens of billions in DKK each year and generates thousands of jobs. Yet despite its huge contribution to the economy, the media has shown little interest in the sector.

Close collaboration between SYBO’s management and marketing teams

Attracting the right kind of attention is key to cementing someone’s position as a thought-leader. It requires an effective media strategy and a firm focus on key messages. In this context, we are working closely with SYBO’s management, marketing team and their amazing content creators to build the company’s profile. In such close collaboration with clients, we create the best results.

In partnership with SYBO, we have set out the four key elements of our communications plan. We want:

  1. To change the perception of game developers from a stereotypical image of creative geeks working in their basement, to forward-thinking, creative and profitable businesses people.
  2. To position SYBO as a beacon of light for the Danish games industry, and a strong voice for the sector’s shared agenda.
  3. To attract skilled and qualified employees who are able to think creatively yet also demonstrate an understanding of business development. And to draw attention to the skills gap which is currently a real issue across the sector.
  4. To develop SYBO’s image and impact in the media, and assist the company’s push in reaching an international audience.

Read more about SYBO and Subway Surfers.

Video is courtesy of SYBO.

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