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We are storytellers.

Our stories engage our clients’ audiences and create results for their businesses.

Working across disciplines – PR, marketing and social media – we always use the most appropriate tools and tactics.

We love great communication. When our stories truly engage the audience, build brands and change perceptions.




"To gain Kudos is to earn respect and recognition"

We are a communications agency in Copenhagen.

With a deep-rooted appreciation for how public relations operates within the sphere of a constantly changing public agenda, we work across disciplines and advise on everything from strategy and messaging through to implementation.

We encourage clients to measure our effort against their business success and bottom line results. Our ambition is not to be the biggest but to be among the best in the trade – never afraid to challenge the norm.


Communication must be strategic, effective and measurable.

We design campaigns specifically around your target audience; those who need to understand and appreciate your messages, and then take action.

With many years’ experience in the business, our advice is based on sound insight, comprehensive research and good old-fashioned creativity.

We invest the same dedication, effort and time into understanding every single business on our books. By working as a team with our clients, we create the best results. It is a dynamic collaboration with knowledge sharing at its core.


Anyone who claims to know all the answers doesn't really know very much.

To remain creative and innovative, we need flexibility beyond our own core competences. This is why we work with a large and independent network of experts, at home and abroad.

Not bound by exclusivity agreements, we can always build and manage the right team for each individual client: A Nordic PR agency network, experts in video production, graphic design, advertising, events, research and more.

Your team can be local or international, and represent every single communications discipline.


Alternativ mobilitet – innovation & kommunikation

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Synd for kaffen og den gode bog

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Dyrk agurkerne

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Jonas Rugaard
Partner & Managing consultant

Mobile: +45 2031 8828


Martin Lund Nielsen

Partner & Managing consultant

Mobile +45 2887 6828

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